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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training


You’ve reached this DEFINING MOMENT in your life!

You can choose to remain where you are


You can make a bold move forward in your life.


This INSPIRING JUNCTURE is propelled by a yearning for something more, to DEEPEN AND NOURISH YOUR PRACTICE, and to explore a more profound connection within.

I never thought I would become a yoga teacher, let alone open a studio and run a teacher training. Fear and self-doubt kept me from trying something new, from living my dream. But my very first yoga teacher training cracked my heart wide open and CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! Shyness and fear fell away. I love sharing this empowering practice with everyone.

This program is for heart-centred souls wishing to go deeper with their practice, to UNRAVEL THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE, and to explore the inner landscapes of themselves.


The first half of our teacher training delves into the art of yoga. The training is deeply rooted in alignment principles to keep students safe, so you know how to modify poses for your body and others. We explore the philosophy and spiritual aspects of yoga to begin to change our lives. You will be introduced to Ayurveda and breathing techniques to start to change your habits, become healthier, and have more energy.

The second half of the teacher training moves onto the art of teaching, where we build on skilful teaching techniques session by session. We’ll explore how to create a safe, beautiful space for your students, languaging skills to empower your students, and more. You’ll discover your unique voice (no matter how shy you may be – we don’t throw you into teaching right away like most trainings do, but instead build your confidence). We’ll teach you the skills needed to be a successful yoga teacher and how to make it a viable business for yourself, so you can have a career you love and enjoy waking up in the mornings to share your love of yoga with others.


The training is on the weekends (mostly every 2nd weekend), so you can begin to integrate it into your life.

If you want to live a more vibrant life, filled with presence, connection, and joyful health while helping others experience the same, then this program is for you.





Program Director, Chrysalis YTT

What can this Training do for you?

This program has transformed people’s lives for over 5 years now – students have learned more about the yoga practice, changed their jobs, and love what they do by teaching yoga at studios, gyms, recreational centers, for cities, and in homes.

The YTT process facilitated the discovery of courage that I didn’t know existed within me. I had placed limits on myself without even realizing it. Most endeavors in my life have been filled with pre-conceived notions of the outcome and where the experience would take me. I have realized through the teacher training that there does not always have to be an “end game” or finish line. I have learned the importance of a connection with my inner voice has become a priority. The ability to respect and listen to others reminds me how powerful relationships can be. The meditation and pranayama techniques I have been exposed to are tools that I will carry with me forever.
Deb M.
I decided to make the leap to YTT after many years of wanting to take teacher training, but stepping back out of fear of public speaking. What I enjoyed the most - was the connection with other YTTs and our teachers. The material was presented in such a fun and informative fashion. The entire program is very organized from the binders, to the flash cards, agendas, assisting yoga teachers in the studio, to the respect of our time and keeping things on pace. I don't think there's one thing that was missed or that I would change. I feel that I've gained knowledge about yoga as well as about myself. I feel more confident and centred.
Debbie D.
I decided to join the YTT program at Chrysalis because firstly, I LOVE yoga. But it was coming to a time in my journey where I knew that I wanted it to take on a bigger role in my life, and I wanted to share my passion for yoga and message of self-empowerment with anyone willing to try it. Beyond the in-depth knowledge of yoga poses and philosophy, I love the community and bonds I was able to make in the group. There was a genuine sense of support and sharing as we learned so much about our practices and selves. There's a connection now between all the trainees and our incredible instructors that we'll have all of our lives!
Danielle M.
I had reached a point in my life where I felt a little stuck, and I was looking for a way to break-through some unproductive behavior patterns. After researching a bunch of YTT programs, I decided on Chrysalis, mainly because of the authenticity I felt from the teachers when I attended the information session. I value how Chrysalis YTT was spread out over several weekends. This format allowed for real absorption of the material and true in-depth learning. The course was delivered in a very organized, logical and fun way and created an incredibly safe learning environment for myself and the rest of our group. Chrysalis YTT has been an incredible life-changing experience for me.
Jason C.
YTT at Chrysalis has been one of the most rewarding, profound, transformative, awakening, and emotionally uplifting times of my life. I’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to lead students through a safe and beneficial yoga practice, but have also learned that a good teacher is always a student first. I’ve gained a deeper personal practice, a deeper understanding of the type of yoga that calls to me, inner strength, confidence, lifelong friendships, a sense of wonder and excitement to see what my yoga future holds among many other things.
Sydney K.

What We Offer

High Standards

We deliver only the best! Our program is Yoga Alliance accredited and is certified as a Private Educational Institution with the Federal Government of Canada, so you’re eligible for a tax credit. We’re organized, reliable and pride ourselves in giving you the best education.

Experienced Faculty

We want to empower you with the knowledge we’ve acquired in class design, teaching, workshop development and more. Our faculty has all completed thousands of hours of training, have years of practice, and have taught (and currently teach) in many studios. We’re skilled in marketing and business management, and the lead trainer owns the yoga studio.

Masterful Delivery

Our training is spread over several weekends so you can still live your life and have time to incorporate your new skills and the transformational process. Our highly organized training is delivered through many formats – yoga flashcards, two manuals, in class study, assignments, videos and more – so you can be the best yoga teacher.

Unparalleled Value

We’ve been teaching this teacher training program for many years now, and every year we refine and perfect the teacher training to deliver outstanding content. We keep up-to-date with industry standards, and we honour that your progression is uniquely yours. We strive to create a place of safety and an environment where you’ll create lifelong friendships and support.

Download this Information Package!

Learn more about the Modules, Schedule, Faculty, FAQ’s, Homework and Requirements for Certification

To view faculty bios, download the information package.


Shanine Dennill
Program Director

Specialty: Yoga Techniques Training & Practice, Pranayama, Teaching Methodology, The Art of Theming, Skilful Sequencing, and The Business of Yoga


Johanna De Castro
Faculty Member

Specialty: Yoga Techniques Training & Practice, Teaching Methodology, Intro to Other Styles, Assisting, Demoing, and Intro to Restorative Yoga


Mieka Forte
Faculty Member

Specialty: Anatomy & Physiology



Tony Murdock
Faculty Member

Specialty: Philosophy & Meditation



Toni Gordon
Faculty Member

Specialty: Yoga Lifestyle – Intro to Ayurveda

We believe that for true transformation to occur, you need time to assimilate the information and incorporate it into your regular life. We spread the teacher training over 6-7 months, where we meet every second weekend, so you digest all the information.


Fridays @ 6:00 – 9:00pm
Saturdays @ 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sundays @ 10:00am – 5:00pm

11 Weekends:

Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2020
Mar 13 – 15
Mar 27 – 29
Apr 3 – 5
Apr 17 – 19
May 1 – 3
May 22 – 24
Jun 5 – 7
Jun 19 – 21
Jul 3 – 5
Jul 17 – 19

* You’ll also be required to attend 1-2 yoga class(es) a week for personal practice (you’ll receive free unlimited yoga), as well as assist a class every few weeks as part of your homework.


Receive $1,200 in Value of Added Items!

We provide tons of support materials to help you on your transformational journey:

  • Flash Cards with the yoga pose, Sanskrit name, English name, instructions for the pose and gentle modifications. All poses are coded to help in sequencing and designing classes.
  • Access to Videos on each pose learned.
  • An Asana Manual that contains worksheets on every pose (each pose sheet includes modifications and adjustments).
  • A Teacher’s Manual that includes notes on qualities of a great teacher, alignment principles, theming, skilful sequencing, demoing, adjustments, language skills, philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, business information, and ethics.
  • Unlimited Yoga at Chrysalis during the yoga teacher training
  • A Starter Package to help you with your yoga practice
  • 10% Off Retail Items and Workshops during the Teacher Training program (except international teachers)
  • Tons more
  • Once you graduate, you get an opportunity to teach Karma Classes and receive a YTT graduate membership at a discounted rate (to our regular membership).


$3,200 + HST if paid in full by Feb 20, 2020
$3,500 + HST if paying in instalments (payment plan) or if paying after Feb 20, 2020

* You’ll receive an educational tax credit or you can write off your tuition as a business expense (we will teach you how to do this)
** Unlimited yoga is included for the duration of the teacher training.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 + HST is due at time of acceptance into the program (this is included in the price of the teacher training listed above).

Payment Plan

If paying in instalments or after Feb 20, 2020, the balance (after deposit) must be paid in 6 monthly instalments of $500 + HST payable on the first of Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, and Aug.

Extra Costs

Required texts, which is roughly $95 (including HST).
All other materials are included in the cost of the program (flashcards, manuals, unlimited yoga).

Terms & Conditions

Price does not include HST. Deposit is non-refundable (under any circumstances). Payment does not guarantee certification (please review our information package to see what is required for certification). If you cancel before the teacher training begins, a full refund will be given, minus the non-refundable deposit. If you cancel after the teacher training starts, you’ll be refunded the prorated amount (YTT tuition spread over 11 weekends) minus the deposit. If you wish not to receive a refund and continue the teacher training at a future date, you’re welcome to apply the amount paid towards a future training (as credit) – an additional $150+HST administration fee is required.


Information Package

Learn more about the modules, schedule, homework, reading list, requirements for certification, and FAQs by downloading this Informational Booklet!


Apply Now


Download this Application form (a fillable pdf), complete it and send it to me: 

Application deadline is Sep 18, 2019.


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