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Never practiced yoga before? Or perhaps you took a yoga class a long time ago, and you’d like to try it again? Maybe you want to try something new or a friend, family member or your doctor recommended it.

Whatever the reason, I’m so glad you’re willing to try yoga. You may have heard yoga is great for increasing flexibility, helping with depression, injuries, and calming your mind. But you may be thinking: “Yikes, I don’t know anything about this yoga thing. I can’t even touch my toes.”

When I first tried yoga, I was stiff. I couldn’t follow what the teacher was doing, and I couldn’t keep up with everyone. I found out that the yoga instructor (at the gym) had only completed a one-weekend fitness course on how to teach yoga.

I went to a yoga studio, and I became addicted. I felt calmer as soon as I walked into the studio. The highly trained instructor focused on alignment and safety and gave me modifications for my body. I started to notice an improvement in my life – my outlook on life and how I handled stress.

Here’s what we’ve created for you…



Learn the Foundations of Yoga

We’ve designed this 4-week Foundation of Yoga for you – the absolute beginner or if you want a step-by-step review of the basics.

You’ll learn yoga from a qualified, professional Chrysalis Yoga teacher in a slow-paced, supportive environment.

Details & Dates +
You’ll Receive:
  • A basic knowledge of yoga – learn new yoga poses every week, how to use props to make poses accessible, and breath-work to calm stress.
  • Skills to modify poses for your body and/or physical restrictions
  • Personal attention in the class (class size is limited to 15 students) with a professional, senior teacher and an assistant
  • Weekly check-in emails
  • A booklet with 4 weeks’ worth of content – instructions on yoga poses covered in class, reflection questions, and other information
  • A high-quality weekly video to do the yoga practice at home
  • An improvement in your strength, flexibility, balance and stress reduction with consistent work and practice


The next Foundations of Yoga Series starts:

2020 DATES:
Jan 6 – Jan 27 with Angela D = Mondays @ 6:45pm – 8:15pm
Feb 24 – Mar 16 with Amanda E = Mondays @ 6:45pm – 8:15pm
Mar 23 – Apr 13 with Amanda E = Mondays @ 6:45pm – 8:15pm
Apr 20 – May 11 with Angela D = Mondays @ 6:45pm – 8:15pm
May 25 – Jun 15 with Rachel S = Mondays @ 6:45pm – 8:15pm


Want to try regular classes?

If you decide not to start with the Foundations of Yoga series, you’re welcome to try Gentle Yoga classes, Hot Gentle, and Hot Yin. If you’re new to the hot room, try any Reduced Hot (RH) classes.

We offer over 70 classes a week at various times throughout the day to fit in your schedule. Feel free to come in for a tour of the studio and chat with our yoga advisor to find out what classes work best for you.

Take advantage of our Introductory Special where you can try as many classes as you like for 30 days for $40. You’re welcome to purchase this separately or take advantage of this during or after your Foundation of Yoga series.

Why Our Students Love the Foundations of Yoga Series

After a recent serious health scare, I realized that I had to take a more proactive approach to my health. The knowledgeable and caring teachers showed me how to adapt each of the poses to my body, so I experience the essence of the pose while staying out of pain. Since taking the Foundations of Yoga Program, I am stronger, I’ve lost weight, my balance has improved, and my blood pressure is so low that my doctor is talking about taking me off medication!
Ann C
I acquired a new attitude towards my body, mind, spirit and goals. I am grateful to have been introduced to Yoga through the Foundations program, and I think it is the one pre-requisite that everyone should take. I find myself mindful throughout my classes of what I learned from Foundations including my Teachers’ philosophies and the enthusiasm they imparted.
Roseanne R
I came to the Foundations of Yoga program to learn new tools to help me manage stress, deal with anxiety, and reduce the pain I was experiencing in my body. Not only did I find amazing and effective tools and solutions, but I also made many new friends in this supportive, warm, and nurturing environment. Learning to breathe again was a major revelation!
Samantha T
I came to Yoga in my fifties. Like most people of a certain age I have some injuries, so learning the correct way to keep myself well aligned and therefore safe was very important to me. I loved the videos and handouts after each week’s class. Also, for me, learning the basics of a “flow” has really helped me to take advantage of classes in the Fire Room.
Ann N (Ann later went on to do our Yoga Teacher Training)
I wanted to learn proper alignment. I was tired of looking around the class trying to copy people when everyone I looked at was doing the pose a little differently. I am so glad I joined the program, because - WOW! Every pose has little secrets, and when done properly, you feel amazing. I now have the confidence to attend other classes. The Foundations of Yoga is a lifetime gift I have given to my body!
Linda D


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Still have Questions?

Sometimes the most intimidating part is arriving at the studio and not knowing what to wear, what to bring, where to go or what to expect.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The most important part of doing a yoga practice is that you bring yourself 😉

Check out these common questions.

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