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When I first came to yoga, I was going through a challenging time. I had lost that spark; I needed to heal my soul and body; I needed a change. I tried yoga and immediately started to see and feel the benefits. This is why we created this studio for YOU – to accept you where you are today, to transform yourself for tomorrow.

Yoga has become so mainstream with the fitness industry that the roots of yoga have become lost. We are passionate about keeping the traditional lineage practices of yoga alive. Your journey in a boutique yoga studio, with experienced, caring teachers, and a supportive community are the catalysts for your change. Join the Chrysalis Yoga family and live a purpose-driven life to be your most radiant self.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to me when you see me in the studio. I love getting to know people and hearing about your journey. Check out our amazing staff and teachers below!

I look forward to seeing you on your mat or practicing beside you.

What Drives Us



We strive to show compassion and support to those going through challenging times and celebrate the good times through yoga, so together we can build a stronger community.



We’re constantly looking at and evolving our patterns, beliefs, and ideas for the betterment of our lives, others, the community, and the world.



We know that we cannot make a difference and do what we love alone, and so we’re humble and grateful for this amazing, supportive community.

Love Notes: Live Your Best Life!

With the help, guidance, and encouragement of every yoga instructor that I have had at Chrysalis, I feel stronger and motivated to try different classes. Thanks Chrysalis for helping introduce me to wonderful new experiences and many new friendships.
I've been practicing yoga for a few years, and after moving was looking for a new studio. Chrysalis is just what I was looking for in a studio. There are the logical, practical needs such as: knowledgeable, kind instructors; a clean studio, that offers a wide variety of props; and even a small shop stocked with great, relevant items. But more importantly, the studio is a like a magnet for great people - the instructors, the staff, the students, the workshops, the events - it's really a community, without any pressure to join or to be someone other than yourself. I even decided to take the Yoga Teacher Training at Chrysalis, which was a wonderful and transformative experience - deepening my practice and expanding my understanding of the wide, vast world of yoga thanks to the compassionate and knowledgeable instructors. I have since moved, and the studio is further away now, but Chrysalis is still my yoga home.
I started practicing yoga at Chrysalis about four years ago. Prior to this, I had been a competitive dancer for fifteen years, so flexibility and strength were already very familiar to me and my body. However, my experience at Chrysalis has taught me so much more, not only about my body but about my mental health as well. It has taught me to become more aware of my thoughts in day-to-day living and to be present in every moment with positivity. What I love about Chrysalis is the sense of belonging as soon as I walk in the doors, and that I have the freedom to move at my own pace in each class, without any judgment. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from, which allows every Chrysalis member to pick classes based on ability, pace, and time of day. The teachers always remind us that just by showing up on our mat, we are thanking our body and ourselves for who we are and that alone gives me a sense of happiness.
I can't say enough positive things about Chrysalis Yoga! I am so happy I entered this studio years ago. Not only have I gained a physically healthier lifestyle, but Chrysalis has also helped me with my emotional and spiritual self. The various classes that are offered always keeps me discovering new things. It has become like a second home to me. The love and belonging I feel when I open the doors keeps me coming back. The instructors are always eager to answer all questions and are so passionate about what they do. I truly am so thankful for this amazing community.
I came to Chrysalis because my daughter Nicole started coming and raved about the studio. The main draw for me was that they had a hot room. I have some arthritis in my hips and lower spine. The hot room is a perfect mix for me. The warmth creeps into my bones and muscles and makes yoga more attainable for me. Without a doubt, the hot room and constant practice have improved my arthritis! All the staff and teachers are the best. They always make you feel welcome and encourage you to just listen to your body on any particular day. I have been practicing yoga for some 16 years… A very long time and I hope that I can continue “FOREVER”. I had a physical in the spring, and they did a routine bone density test. It had been 8 years since the previous one. My doctor said she had never seen anyone’s bone density improve. Eight years ago she said I had the bones of a 25-year-old! I attribute it to my many hours on the mat. She thinks it is the daily vitamin D I take…. I would much rather attribute it to yoga. All that weight bearing exercise!
I was introduced to Chrysalis Yoga four years ago, where I was welcomed with open arms and enthusiasm. The culture here at the studio is simply incomparable. Chrysalis is a place where I am free to be my most authentic self. It is a place where I am free to be heard. It is a place where “community” takes form. During my time here at the studio, I have gained the confidence I need in order to succeed in all I set out to do. I have gained peace of mind and balance. My experiences with the Chrysalis community has been truly life changing. I find myself smiling every day and living with extreme gratitude.
This studio is a home away from home. It is a place where you can come as you are, feel what you feel, and let go of what no longer serves you. It is a place where you will be inspired, learn, and transform.
Chrysalis Yoga has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. Through the diversity of their professional instructors, I have learnt how to have a peace of mind, body, and soul in this crazy stressful world. From the moment I step in the door, I am greeted with a smile, laughter, kind-heartedness, and everything that was weighing me down is behind me now ~ it’s my time! I have never felt so fit and energized. With age creeping up I have gained back my freedom of movement and am more active than I have been in years. I also found myself again, making time for me and not feeling guilty. I participate on a regular basis, and I am hooked. I can’t wait to see my fellow yogi’s, the instructors and make new goals and challenges for myself. With the variety of classes the studio offers I will never be bored. Chrysalis to me is not just a yoga studio; it’s a place where I go to work out, attend workshops and meet new friends. Where the wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion that the instructors bring to every class has taken me to a whole new world where from my heart to theirs has been an honor.
I started going to Chrysalis with my baby boy doing baby barre classes. It was such a wonderful and welcoming environment that I made it my weekly 'mom night out' to come for a yoga class or 2 on my own. It is really a great place to go after a long, busy day to relax and feel almost special!! The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, and I have definitely increased my practice with their guidance on individual methods. It's honestly my go to place for ‘me time’, and I always leave feeling empowered and enlightened.

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