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Help make a difference in someone’s life by giving the gift of yoga.


Buy a gift card for your friend, family member, colleague, boss, employees, or school teacher. You can buy a physical card in the studio or send one digitally.

I would like to purchase a gift card online, how do I do that?
You don’t have to come into the Chrysalis studio to send your gift card. All you have to do is purchase it through the link below. You can print it off and put it in a card for them, or you can email it directly to their inbox (be sure to click off: “Send recipient the gift card via email”). You can customize your gift card by selecting the amount you wish to send, sending a personal message, and choosing an image. You can also Preview the gift card.

Where can I purchase a physical gift card?
Come into Chrysalis Yoga, and we will set you up. You can select the amount you wish to put on the gift card.
How much should I put on the gift card?
The amount is up to you. You can choose a generic amount of $25, $50, $100, and so on. Or you can load it with the dollar value that corresponds to our 30 Day Intro Special, Class Passes, or Monthly Membership.
How do I redeem a digital gift card?
When you receive our digital gift card by email, print it off. Bring the physical copy to Chrysalis Yoga and use it towards your purchase.
What can the gift card be used towards?
It can go towards anything at Chrysalis:

  • Retail
  • Intro special, class passes, memberships
  • Teacher trainings
  • Events and workshops
  • Private classes
  • Anything
Can I re-gift my gift card?
A physical card – yes as there are no names attached to the card. A digital card – no. For the digital card, you can use it to purchase (in person, in the studio) another gift card for someone else.
Do they expire?
I lost my gift card, what do I do?
Unfortunately, if you lose it, it cannot be redeemed.
Can I receive cash for the gift card or be refunded?
No, you cannot. If you return items purchased with a Gift Card, the amount refunded will be credited onto your account.
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