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Someone may have asked the question before. Save yourself some time and go through these questions before emailing or calling.
If the answer isn’t here, then email us: yogaadvisor@chrysalisyoga.ca
It’s my first time at Chrysalis, what do I do?
  • Come 15 – 20 minutes early to introduce yourself, receive a tour, and download and complete our Client Intake Form (a fillable pdf), or sign up here. You’ll be given a key tag at the desk; this allows you to swipe in for a class when you come in every time.
  • Remove shoes in the designated area; all classes are done barefoot
  • Let the teacher know of any injuries, limitations and other concerns
  • Turn your cell phone off for class (if taking it into class)
  • Keep conversations low in the yoga rooms
  • Avoid wearing strong scents
  • Share any concerns or questions with your instructor(s). They are here to guide and support you during this incredible journey!
What do I bring or wear?
  • Water bottle – all of our water is filtered right from the tap. We sell tablets and coconut water for the needed electrolytes.
  • Yoga mat (mats are also available for rent or purchase, as well as mat towels)
  • Dress in light, comfortable clothing
  • If you wish to shower after class, bring another towel as there are change rooms and showers (we also rent shower towels)
  • We practice yoga without shoes or socks
When should I eat?

Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours before practicing. A full stomach can hinder the practice of asana (postures) and breathing and can cause discomfort. If you must eat, have a light snack an hour before your yoga practice. Make sure you are well hydrated!

Where can I keep my stuff?

Bags and personal items are not permitted in the practice rooms. We don’t have lockers, but you’re welcome to leave your items in the change rooms. Please leave your valuables at home (not in the car). We’re not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is a practice where yoga poses are done in a heated room. Our hot yoga room (Fire room) is maintained at a temperature of roughly 103°F, with the humidity controlled between 30-40%. At these temperatures, your body begins to sweat. It also makes the body very warm and allows the muscles to stretch more efficiently.

How is Chrysalis Yoga’s Hot Yoga different?

The biggest two differences are our hot room technology and our teachers’ focus.

We have the most stable and healthy hot yoga room around. Many other studios also have radiant heat panels (or heat the room through gas – which is noisy), but most do not have a fresh air exchange system nor do they control the humidity.  We have cork flooring, non-VOC paint, the walls, and ceiling are insulated, radiant heat panels and an integrated, automated fresh air exchange humidification/dehumidification system that maintains the humidity at a safe level while exchanging the air in the room to ensure adequate oxygen and no build-up of CO2.  Practicing yoga in a room that is too dry or too humid is not healthy!

We focus on the student’s development. We offer a variety of classes at different levels, and they are well rounded. Most of our teachers are trained by us so we know the quality and service they are providing. We have employed the best teachers who offer their experience and insight in the class, so no two classes are the same. This keeps the mind and body fresh and alert as you learn a wide range of yoga poses from experienced teachers who care about your whole-person development.

What time should I get there?

Arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class to sign in and get ready for class (unless it is your first time, then come 15-20 minutes early). Register Online to save time if you have never been to our studio. Please note that if you register for a class Online or through our app and arrive less that 10 minutes before the class starts, you will be removed from the class reservation system.

What if I need to change?

Our change rooms offer ample space for you to be comfortable during your visit. Our amenities include showers and hair dryers. We have space to put your bag(s) and clothes.

Do you have lockers?

We don’t have lockers, so please leave valuables at home (we’re not responsible for your belongings). We have space to put your bags and clothing.

What can I expect from a typical class?

Every class is different, but there are common elements you can expect. The teacher may start with an intro to a theme; there’ll be a centering (where you connect with your breath and body), warm-ups, poses linked together, cool-downs, and your final pose, Savasana (where you lie down on your back). To find out what the different classes are, go to our schedule. You can click on the name of the class, and it will give a description.

Can I do hot yoga if I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of studies with the impact of hot yoga on the fetus. However, pregnant women are usually advised by their doctors to avoid extreme heat. Excessive core body temperatures can cause maternal hyperthermia (in the first trimester of pregnancy this has been shown in animals and humans to increase the risk of neural tube defects ― malformations of the brain and spine, including spina bifida). For these reasons, we recommend you do our regular temperature classes and avoid hot yoga.

Can I do hot yoga if I’m breastfeeding?

Firstly, find out from your healthcare professional when you can return to yoga or exercise after giving birth.

Secondly, know that your body has changed. You may need to modify poses based on the changes in your body (including your breasts, now that you are breastfeeding).

Thirdly, because you are breastfeeding, the most important thing is to make sure you aren’t dehydrated. The hot room causes excessive sweating, so you’ll need more water and electrolytes. Some believe that excessive exercise may reduce the nutrients and increase the amount of lactic acid in your breast milk. This may change the flavour of the milk, causing your baby to reject the milk. However, the Clinical Practice Obstetrics Committee of Canada states that moderate exercise has no observable effect on the quality or quantity of breast milk.

To be safe, avoid hot yoga and practice in the non-hot rooms until you feel it’s safe to return to the hot room again.

Can I do hot yoga if I’m trying to get pregnant through IVF?

Please consult with your healthcare professional. Most will say that you will need to avoid heat and twists during the Stimulation phase of the IVF.

I have some physical concerns, heart disease, high blood pressure and/or am on meditation, can I do yoga?

In all circumstances, please consult with your doctor. Practicing yoga in a heated environment can be strenuous on the body. You may notice changes in your heart rate, breath rate and the amount you sweat, so please consult a doctor prior to practicing hot yoga or any type of yoga.

I have an injury!

With major injuries or health concerns, always consult your doctor first. Inform the yoga advisor (front desk) of any injuries and also let your instructor know before class so they can show you modifications to poses. Please know that instructors don’t know what’s happening in your body or what you’re feeling or experiencing, so always modify it when you need to and take precautions so you are safe.

What if I’m not flexible or strong?

You don’t have to be flexible or strong enough to start yoga.  We offer a variety of classes. With our intro special, you have 30 days to try all the classes, styles, and teachers and see what fits you. With consistent practice, you’ll notice the difference in your flexibility and strength. Yoga is designed to balance you in all ways, making you stronger if you’re too flexible and more flexible if you’re too strong or tight.

What’s the minimum age requirement to attend yoga at Chrysalis?

The minimum age to sign up to practice on your own is 18 years of age. If you are below 18, you are required to have a parent or legal guardian come with you on your first visit to sign the Client Intake Form on your behalf.

  • Kids’ from 5-10 years of age can attend the kids’ yoga class WITHOUT a parent (as long as a parent has signed the Client Intake form).
  • The minimum age to attend any class (other than hot yoga) is 11 but it must be WITH a parent.
  • The minimum age to attend a hot class is 15 (as long as a parent has signed the Client Intake form).
  • The minimum age to attend any class WITHOUT a parent/legal guardian present is 15 (as long as a parent has signed the Client Intake form).

Why 15 years of age for the hot room? It’s best that hot yoga is practiced only after the child’s sweat glands have developed – usually around a girl’s first menstruation or a boy’s growth spurt. Pediatrician Dr. Alanna Levine stated in an interview: “Children handle high temperatures differently than adults. They have a higher surface-area-to-mass ratio, which means they absorb heat more than adults do. They also have a smaller blood volume, which makes it harder for them to dissipate the heat. Lastly, they have a slower rate of sweat production than adults, and sweating is a mechanism to cool us off.”

Why doesn’t anyone observe silence in the rooms?

We believe in cultivating a community and how can you do that if everyone has to be quiet? We want everyone to chat and get to know each other. However, we do ask that you keep your conversations low or you’re welcome to talk freely in the hallways before and after class.

Arriving late or leaving early?

We’ll always start and end the class on time. We won’t turn you away if you’re running a few minutes late because you got stuck in traffic, your kid threw a tantrum before you left the house, or your boss needed to chat with you quickly. However, we ask that when you come in, to wait until the centering is finished and to do so quietly. Please do not make the lateness a regular occurrence as all the classes start with an introduction, centering and warm-ups and it can be disruptive if you walk in late. If it’s 10-15 minutes past the start time, we’ll ask for you to wait for the next class to avoid disrupting the class. To avoid any disturbance, please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class.

We ask that you stay for Savasana (the final pose). This pose is just as important as the other poses. It creates a disturbance for other students if you decide to leave during this time.

Where should I put my mat?

If you’re new to yoga, a great place to put your mat is towards the back of the room (so you can see what other students are doing) and closest to a wall (to help for balance). The teacher usually places their mat at the front of the room with the props you’ll need for class. Let the teacher or front desk staff know it’s your first time, and they’ll help you.

How often should I practice yoga?

Discipline and commitment is needed in order to see real change. To experience the benefits of a yoga practice, we recommend practicing 4-6 days per week. But you can still receive benefits practicing 2-3 days a week.

My yoga instructor sometimes chants “Om” at the beginning or the end of class and says “Namaste”. What is this?

Yoga is not a religion; however, the teacher may bring in some spiritual concepts. Chanting Om (AUM) is considered to be a form of meditation – a clearing and calming of the mind. Namaste is a respectful greeting or an acknowledgement of one soul to another; the translation is: “I bow to you.” Usually, the teacher will end with a Namaste to everyone, and everyone will repeat it back. You may choose not to chant Om or say Namaste, and that is perfectly ok.

Where can I park?

There’s plenty of parking outside the studio in our parking lot. If the parking lot is ever full – there’s a park around the corner on Palladium Way, where you can park, or on the side streets (on and off of Thomas Alton)  that have been clearly marked that it’s ok to park. Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts to get a parking spot.

Still have a question? Email us: yogaadvisor@chrysalisyoga.ca
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