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When I broke up with my ex two years ago, I thought it was the worst thing imaginable. I grieved. I wanted to keep the good memories from the past, and I felt like someone threw water on this painting of my life.


Now, today, I’m surprised by how the universe was protecting me in a way. It needed to happen. At the time I couldn’t see it. But I still don’t know how the future will turn out. “It could be good. It could be bad. Who knows?”


There’s a story about a farmer and his son. Things, outside of his control, happen in his life. He replies to every situation when told it’s good or bad, with: “Who knows? We shall see.”

Watch this video with Alan Watts: The Story of the Chinese Farmer.


This story reminds me that things happen. At the time, they may appear to be good or bad. The intensity of our emotions and the situation is created by our longing to control the situation and by our grasping of what was and what is to come.


But we cannot see into the future, and so we don’t know if the result will end up being good or bad.


I just am. I am to just “be.”

And this life is like a movie happening in front of me. It doesn’t mean I should be detached from life. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have boundaries or not be concerned about the state of the world or our environment. I can still feel the emotions, as I’m human. I can still enjoy this life.


Yoga helps to bring us to this sense of stillness inside. In rhythmic action and motion (in our yoga practice), walking in nature, remaining seated in meditation (once we’ve moved past the chattering of our mind), and while listening to therapeutic music – we have a sense of stillness, a sense of just being – even as the world moves around us. The point is to experience this more often than not.


“Go with the flow” as you hear some people say. Or to paraphrase Joseph Campbell: Match your heartbeat to the beat of the Universe.


There’s something behind the scenes at play and we cannot see it. So how do we know if it’s good or bad.


Much Love Shanine

Chrysalis Yoga Studio

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