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Community Love

What brings us joy is impacting other’s lives. It starts with you! We believe that when you transform yourself, you start to change your life. This has ripple effects and begins to impact those around you.

When you support Chrysalis Yoga, you support women and children in need and help rescue animals.


Together, here’s how we’re changing lives:

World Wildlife Fund – Canada

The choices we make today will affect our future. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) helps to secure healthy, thriving ecosystems, by protecting life on Earth.

How we help:

We are huge animal lovers. One day one of our members came up to the owner of Chrysalis and mentioned that he’s on the Board for the World Wildlife Fund for Canada. He asked if we would be interested in donating to this organization through the Karma Classes we offer. We cannot say yes to every organization, but this organization aligns with what we stand for and how we want to contribute to this world. You are also supporting a new yoga teacher by attending a Karma Class. Proceeds from our Karma Classes went to this organization in 2018. * A minimum donation of $8 is required.


BurlingtonGreen’s goal is to protect and improve the health of the environment. “We collaborate with citizens, businesses, organizations, advocates, and governments to ensure the rights of the environment are respected.”

How we help:

We need a healthy planet to support us, and we need to look after our environment, Earth. This all started by meeting someone in the community who works at BurlingtonGreen. How we help – in planting trees and cleaning our community for specific events. Proceeds from some of our karma classes go to this organization (announced on social media). You are also supporting a new yoga teacher by attending a Karma Class. Proceeds from our Karma Classes are going to this organization in 2019. * A minimum donation of $8 is required.

International Marine Mammal Project – Save Japan Dolphins

Every year, in Taiji, Japan, dolphins are chased into a small cove. Some are captured and sold at top dollar to marine parks and dolphinariums. These dolphins are torn from their families. The rest of the pod is slaughtered for their meat, even though it’s laden in mercury and PCBs. Most Japanese people don’t know this exist and the “Japanese government supports the dolphin killers and denies any health issues”.

The organization aims in educating people in Japan about what is happening and the health issues related to eating dolphin meat. They’re doing this by working inside Japan with activist and organizations.

How we help:

All of the proceeds from our Giving Back classes in 2017 went towards helping this organization fight against the slaughtering of dolphins. A new yoga teacher or a teacher in the community taught our Giving Back classes and a minimum donation of $5 donation was given by students. We raised $125.

Save Our Scruff

This organization is different to others. They rescue dogs, but they find foster homes and train the dogs, so they are ready for their new homes.  They don’t rescue dogs based on their size, age, or breed. And they don’t choose their adopters based on the number of hours they work or how big their backyard is.  Love and care are the most important things.

How we help:

It’s no secret we’re animal lovers (you may find a dog or two wandering around). We created our YoDawg event – where yoga and dogs come together. While you’re practicing yoga, we bring in a dog or two at a time to practice with you. We have vendors for the day and all of their proceeds go to Save Our Scruff. You may even decide to adopt a dog.

Halton Women’s Place

This organization provides shelter and crisis services for physically, emotionally, financially and sexually abused women and their dependent children. They are dedicated to ending violence against women and their children.

How we help:

Every Christmas, we adopt a family or two (this is called the Holiday Hamper). Instead of Christmas decorations on our studio Christmas tree, we have paper ornaments with writing of an item the family needs (for the mom and her children). You pick an ornament, buy the item (which has to be new), and bring it to the studio with the gift tag and leave it unwrapped under our Christmas tree.

Peace of Minds Yoga

This event is held by the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario. It’s a day full of yoga classes, meditation, and there’s a mental health guest speaker. Donations support programs and services provided by the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.

How we help:

Every year, our teacher, Iris Kolenski, teaches a class at this event. We support this organization by raising awareness, money and providing support.

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