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It’s very normal for us to have self-doubt or not think we are good enough to take the next leap in our life. These are very common concerns, doubts or excuses:


1. I can’t do a headstand or handstand.

You don’t need to be able to do a pretzel move, or some crazy arm balance or deep backbend to feel the transformational effects of a Yoga Teacher Training. The most important aspect is being an excellent student – humble and ready to learn. Most teacher trainings accept you where you’re at, and good teachers will guide you only to where you’re comfortable going to. We want to see a progression.


2. I don’t want to be the oldest in my class.

We’ve had people in our training from 19-70 years of age. The same is true when someone feels they’re too young – a fear that no one will respect the knowledge they have to offer. The most important thing is how are you as a student and how will you be as a teacher. Will you be caring and in service of your students? Don’t forget why you attend your teacher’s class? Perhaps it’s their personality, their caring nature, their funny jokes or their knowledge. You’ll bring your unique wisdom to the yoga teacher training, and when you decide to teach, your student’s will be drawn to you for you!


3. I’m too shy and nervous at public speaking.

When I started my first yoga teacher training, I loathed public speaking (I had a speech problem when I was a kid, and I’d blank out during speeches in school). I’ve always been an introvert. The funny thing is, teacher training started to help release this nervousness. Nervousness can be viewed positively – it’s your need of wanting to do a good job. The more you learn the poses and get comfortable with the yoga practice, the more relaxed you’ll become. Remember, you have something special to offer. It would be a disservice if you didn’t share that with the world.


4. I don’t know anyone; will I fit in?

We always find with our teacher training programs, people start the program hesitant, quiet, and reserved and then at the end of the program everyone’s laughing and crying together. You have to consider: everyone who signs up for the teacher training feels the same way in the beginning. But something interesting happens – walls tear down, vulnerability sets in, and you go through profound transformation. This causes everyone to create deep bonds and lifelong friendships.


5. I’m not sure if it’s the right time.

There’s always going to be something that will come up in our life; always something more important. But there’s nothing more important than looking after yourself. Sometimes if we put ourselves last, we can get resentful and feel we’ve abandoned ourselves, or angry towards others. But taking care of ourselves, trying to fulfill our goals, can also bring a sense of ease and accomplishment.

We have to choose the best time that we can and then commit to it. And if it’s not the right time, set a goal of when you want to sign up by.


6. I’m not sure if I want to teach.

You’re not expected to teach if you take a teacher training. You can take it to deepen your practice, learn more about how to modify poses for your body, how to advance your practice, the philosophy, meditation and breathing exercises. Sometimes even the process of learning how to teach can help us learn more about our beliefs, patterns, and ourselves. Some people also change their mind and wish to teach. Consider taking Workshops in the meantime until you’re ready to take a Yoga Teacher Training.


Know that these are all common concerns. Speak with teacher training graduates and your peers. Sharing our fears can bring us ease.


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