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There are times when I’m so busy that I want to work a little more so I can either catch up or feel like I’m ahead. Or sometimes I just want to turn my mind off, and it’s so much easier to get into my PJs, chill on the couch and watch a TV show or movie.

So how do I fit yoga in? Here are some of my favourites, see what works for you.


1. Look at Your Life

Let’s be realistic; you’re probably thinking you’re too busy – between the kids, your partner, work, or just being exhausted. But if you want to put yourself and health first, see where you can fit it in – even if that means taking something away or tweaking a bit here or there.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Instead of watching TV at night, go to a class right after work.
  • Wake up an hour earlier (which may mean going to bed earlier)
  • Use your weekends to focus on getting classes in
  • Ask someone to pick up the kids or to look after them while you take a class (you may feel guilty in the beginning but then a routine will start to form, and it’ll feel more comfortable)


2. Schedule it into Your Calendar

Check the Class Schedule, decide on what days and times you want to do the classes. Then put them in your calendar. Stick to keeping the appointment with yourself.

You can also download our Chrysalis Yoga app. When you reserve a spot, ask it to send you a reminder. You’ll need a log-in and password with Chrysalis. When you download the app, login with the same username and password. Click here for Apple users OR Android users


3. Go with a Friend or Family Member

Sometimes being accountable to other people can force us to make time for ourselves and fit it in the schedule. It also makes for a great bonding experience.


4. Find the Classes, Times & Teachers You Love

Try as many classes as possible. The more you try, the more you can find the classes that keep you motivated and going. This is why we offer our 30 Day Intro Special for new people at the studio, so you can try all the different styles, teachers and times.

Check out our Schedule for a class you’ll love.


5. Commit to Your Word

Have you ever committed to something and then you just don’t do it? If you’re like me, your stomach just doesn’t feel right – a sense of guilt for letting yourself down and maybe the other person. When you say you’re going to take a class, just do it. Be flexible – life happens, and some things will get in the way, so commit to another time and day then. Stay true to your word and create some self-discipline.


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