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“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”
~ Joseph Campbell


I recently was shocked by an event. I immediately went to a place of fear and panic (and I have to admit – it still comes up, even though I have tools to help). I could feel everything close up inside. I wanted to protect myself, others, and control life more.

There was no joy in these moments. I lost the ability to see the beauty around me. What’s the purpose of everything?

Whatever you have been through, you may have experienced something similar. Have you noticed how it may have shifted what you started to see and experience? You may have stopped seeing the beauty and gravitated towards articles, TV shows, music and things that felt heavy. Perhaps you started to do things differently.

We feel off balanced, not centred like the “universe is conspiring against us and not for us”.

I love the quote above. It reminds me that in these moments I need to realign myself as soon as fear comes in (I had a great conversation with a friend yesterday, and he said to be in the flow – to continuously be in sync with the Energy that those things don’t knock us off).

Here are 5 ways that if I feel off balance, these things put me right back into dancing with the rhythm or heartbeat of the Universe:


1. Listen to Music

As I’m writing this blog, I’m listening to Brock Hewitt’s music. This kind of music feeds my soul. It makes my heart expand, and I feel like I’m soaring.

Music has the profound ability to change your mind and alter your mood. Here’s a great article on the effect of music on Alzheimer’s. 

Listen to the kind of music that feeds your soul. Lie down, stop doing other things, close your eyes and feel the music course through your body.


2. Feel the Warmth of the Sun on Your Skin

It’s funny how cloudy weather can make some of us more introspective or even have lower energy (and in extreme cases sad/depressed). And when the sun comes out, everyone wants to be outside.

On a sunny day, sit outside for a few minutes, close your eyes and feel the warmth of this beautiful light that nourishes the earth and us. Notice how it makes you feel.


3. Hold Someone or Something you Love Deeply

As I spend time with my dog, I feel her unconditional love. I have never loved any being more than I love her. If you have a pet, you probably know what I’m talking about. If you don’t have a pet, hold someone or something you love very deeply.  Keep them close to you, close your eyes and feel the love.


4. Be in Nature

When I’m in nature, I feel the breeze against my skin and through my hair, hear the birds singing, and I see the vibrancy of the colours (the shades of green in the various plants). I feel the roughness of the bark on trees. In those moments, I feel at one with Mother Earth.

We’ve become so out of sync with nature. All the strife on the political scene, all the angst about who said or did what means nothing if we don’t have a Mother Earth to live in because we’ve neglected her by cutting down trees, and polluting our environment.

Find a place where you can walk or sit and be in nature. Take time to appreciate living in this globe that feeds and nourishes us.


5. Be Still

When I do my yoga practice (the stillness in a pose or the meditation in movement), when I focus on the movement of my breath (and the pauses between), or when I remain still and just simply close my eyes to feel, I feel stillness and peace coursing through me. I tap into something more humble and yet powerful. Being still and calm can be challenging in times of intense stress and grief.

See if you can find stillness in something you love to do. Sometimes we think we have to have a perfect seated posture to meditate and then we can get frustrated when thoughts occur. I’m sure you’ve probably found stillness somewhere – whether it’s sitting outside on the patio, gardening, painting, or whatever it may be. And even though you may be moving around, perhaps you can find some pause and stillness within the movement.


Feel free to comment below with ways that make you feel still, centred or connected to the beauty around you.


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