We are closed until further notice due to Coronovirus. Please check Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for updates. Online classes are available, sign up here: https://chrysalisyoga.ca/schedule/
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With our closure during COVID-19, we took what people LOVE about Chrysalis and thought about how we can help each other during these uncertain times.

We’ve created online classes that can be taken live to create consistency in your life right now (classes are recorded for the Supporter Rates). Check out our SCHEDULE.
We’ve also given you flexible pricing options to choose from during these economic times. Check out our PRICING. All current memberships, intro offers, and class passes are on hold.

If you still have any questions, feel free to email us at: yogaadvisor@chrysalisyoga.ca.

Be Your Most Powerful Self

Transform Your Life

Ignite Your Passion

Experience Peace

Experience a nurturing community, with elegant simplicity, in a healing sanctuary.

Chrysalis Yoga is a place that accepts you where you are today, to transform your life tomorrow!

If you’re stressed, anxious or tired, our Restorative, Nidra, Gentle, and Yin classes will help regain your strength in stillness.

Wanting to connect to something deeper in life? Then our Meditation, Deeper into Now, and Hatha classes will ignite that spark.

Hot Flow, Power, Barre, and Ultimate Conditioning will empower you to find strength in movement.

If you have an injury and feel tension, Hatha Therapy, Yin and Fascia & Flow classes will help you move through limitations.

We created this Yoga Studio for YOU – meeting you where you are today!

What We've Got

What we’ve got:

We know the difference between a yoga class that feels like a workout and a class that changes your life!

Nourish yourself, push past boundaries, and sweat out your stress with hot yoga, barre and fitness classes.

New to Yoga

New to yoga?

Never practiced yoga before? Or perhaps you took a yoga class a long time ago and want to try it again?

Learn the different yoga poses if you’re a beginner, find out what classes are best for you, get the answers to your questions, and more.

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