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Hello Beautiful Community.

It’s time to say goodbye. These are incredibly challenging words to share with you. Chrysalis Yoga is permanently closed. I shared a full message in a newsletter (you can read it HERE). We tried in so many ways to keep going, but we were faced to surrender to the inevitable.

I want to share 5 Lessons this studio has left me (I’m sure there are more):
1) The gift of surrender – you have to get lost in order to be found. And life is constantly teaching us to surrender, let go, and make way for something new to manifest. Nothing is permanent. Our mind wants to seek safety in something external, but the only thing constant is that which lies within.
2) You are always evolving. Who you were 10 years ago is different from who you were 5 years ago, 6 months ago or yesterday. This is the gift of life – to always grow. Continue to learn and live fully.
3) Always keep your heart open. It may feel like life is knocking you down. People may leave or say or do things that hurt. Take care of yourself (you can’t control others, and you are not in their shoes to understand why they do certain things). Know your boundaries to live in greater alignment with what brings you joy, and remember life and others are also growing and evolving. Everyone is walking their own path of evolution.
4) A place may dissolve, but the gifts, magical moments, and friendships are never lost. These last a lifetime.
5) Let the past live in the past, let the future reveal itself, and be sure to live in the present!

I’m truly blessed to have experienced 10 years with you. I love you all very much… students, teachers, energy exchangers and anyone I have met.

Please keep in touch (www.shaninedennill.com).

Much Love Shanine


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