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You may be juggling so many things in your life. You’re probably looking after everyone else and yet, somehow you always end up last on that list!

Perhaps you feel exhausted by the end of the day and struggle to fall asleep because your mind’s still racing. Or maybe you’re sitting in the depths of sadness trying to start a new day and get back up.

Yoga transformed my life, and this community of friends helped me get through some of my biggest challenges. We want to be that place for you – a sanctuary where you can retreat and look after yourself, a place where you can enjoy yoga and fitness, and share tears and laughter with others.

We created this Yoga Studio for YOU!

What We've Got

What we’ve got:

We know the difference between a yoga class that feels like a workout and a class that changes your life!

Nourish yourself, push past boundaries, and sweat out your stress with hot yoga, barre and fitness classes.

New to Yoga

New to yoga?

Never practiced yoga before? Or perhaps you took a yoga class a long time ago and want to try it again?

Learn the different yoga poses if you’re a beginner, find out what classes are best for you, get the answers to your questions, and more.

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